Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard!
by Draginbeard 1st Jul 2012, 11:56 PM

Howdy folks.

My name is Gavin, and I have a story to tell. This webcomic is how I am going to do it.

Why a webcomic? Easy, I love to draw, and I love to write. The internet is the perfect place to put up what you have to say. The hard part was coming up with an idea I liked enough to explore.

 I've had a lot of false starts and a lot more excuses to not post my work than I want to freely admit. In the back of my mind I have been holding off because I want to put up the best work I am capable of, and that will always be true. The problem is that I am never happy with anything I've done for more than a few hours past its creation.

 It turns out I am as insecure as everyone else. Yay, go me.

I love comics. I grew up wanting to be an comic book artist. I also grew up wanting to be a fireman, then ruthless sniper, then a professional Dungeon Master, then a standup comedian, then a writer, and through it all; I still wanted to be rich and retired by the time I was 25.

I did join the Navy and looked at the Seal Training film, I ended up going into Corps school instead (medic). That's as close to becoming a sniper as I got. I have a fear of small, tight, burning spaces, so that killed the fireman dream. I'm really not that funny, and there isn't a lot of money running D&D games. I never did win the lottery either. That left the writing and drawing stuff.

Once that decision was made, I spent two and a half years writing and drawing draft after draft. Now I have reached the point where I have to do this or walk away. I took the best advice I was ever given; "Just do it, and keep doing it, because in the end, this is going to be for you more than anyone else." and here it is.

Draginbeard is a long form fantasy comic about a dwarf that gets ripped from his world, fights for years to get back, and when he does finally make it back home, he  finds that everything has changed. It's not meant to be a gag strip, but it does have its silly moments. I like pop culture and picking on favorite themes and working a spin on them. You are going to see a lot of that, and a lot of personal things as well.

 Jolly Draginbeard is going to have good times and bad, he is going to learn a lot, and suffer growing pains just like the rest of us do. He is going to have crazy adventures, make hardcore friends, and determined enemies. He is going to have the time of his life discovering the meaning behind the saying "you can't go home again".

 I am going to have as much fun as humanly possible with this. Any mistakes I make along the way I can only embrace as part of the learning curve, and I put them up for anyone to see.

Welcome to my little piece of the dream. I hope you enjoy the ride.

Gavin Dea     07/02/2012