Some questions...

Some questions...
by Draginbeard 8th Jul 2012, 10:58 PM

Howdy folks,

We've been talking on the comic fury forums about the evolution of our ideas and comics. I thought I would throw up my thoughts to a few of those questions here as well.

When did you start to take your drawing seriously?

 I started dabbling very young. I got interested in comic books at about 8, started tracing Spider Man out of a comic book about then. I wouldn't say it was serious, but I knew I wanted to draw. In about the 4th grade my friend and I talked about making a animated cartoon. It never really happened, but we also wanted to make a robot out of a cardboard box and bits of stuff we found around the house. Didn't get far with that either.

I started a comic strip for myself in the 6th grade I called "Little Lost Island" which I think sparked from watching too many Gilligan's Island reruns.

When Star Wars (it wasn't called episode IV back then) came out in theaters, I was drawing random space images on everything. By the time I got into high school I started playing and running AD&D, and everything I was drawing was related to the adventures I was writing or the characters I was playing.

I started drawing a single panel gag cartoon called 'In the Dungeon' (which I still have some of, I should put them up as extras for the comic) a few years later and had a ton of fun with those.

Then I sort of left it all behind as life after high school hit. I started writing more serious about 13 years ago. Mostly short stories evolving around the games I was playing. I was taking my writing serious. I started reading a webcomic called The Noob by Gianna around 2004. It got me thinking about doing a webcomic of my own. Then about three years ago I picked up the pencil again and got focused on making a webcomic.

This month I actually started posting the one story Ive been working on. I'm pretty serious about it now. My art has a ways to go, but after 35 years of puttering around, I'm finally doing what Ive always wanted.

How did the idea behind your comic evolve?

In all honesty, the comic is based off of a mix of 40 years worth experience. Everything from over exposure to pop culture, what I've been through in my school years and military tour, lumped in with the things I learned at work and through personal relationships.

Its all mixed in there like some unidentifiable soup with my time playing table top D&D, every MMO I've could get my computer to run, to comic books, science fiction and fantasy books, TV shows, and movies I watched.

It took a long time to shift through all of this and turn it all into something that I would want to read.
It literally took me years to decide on characters, story, and what medium I wanted to speak through.

What did I end up with? The story of a fighting Dwarf who comes home to a world that has changed so drastically, he doesn't know where he fits in anymore.

How did you come up with your webcomic schedule?

I decided on a Monday / Friday schedule. I work full time and have a little bit of a life on the side. As it stands l can produce about 4 pages a week, this seems like a reasonable pace and lets me build a buffer at the same time.

The buffer is key for me. I'm still new at this and lm learning new ways to do things almost every day. I want to know that l have time to scrap a page and start again without missing an update.

I agree that quality takes the lead over quantity, so l have that buffer in place to allow me time to try new things and improve my work. Keeping to a schedule is not only a way to keep me on track, but its part of the promise l made to myself to see this through.

What is your ultimate goal?

In all honesty, lm doing this comic because I get a great deal of joy out of it. I get the most satisfaction out of  doing the next page and seeing what l can do better.

The ultimate goal is to tell a the story I want, and to have people enjoy it as much as I do. Of course I would love to be invited to sit on a panel one day at a con, and talk about my experiences in the creation of something dear to me. That would make my year.

See you all next update =)