Side projects

Side projects
by Draginbeard 26th Jul 2012, 8:38 PM

Howdy folks,

The Olympics are starting up, and the housing market seems to have stabilized, maybe we will see the job market open up next year. Maybe we turned a corner somewhere.

The comic is doing ok. Draginbeard is slowly ramping up, and I have a pretty good story getting ready to unfold.  I'm getting about 30 - 70 hits a day. Some folks leave messages, and those have been pretty nice.

As of today, I am coloring pages 19 and 20. Pages 21 and 22 are scanned in and ready to be cleaned up and colored. If I can get those in the buffer, then I will be 7 weeks ahead of myself and I can start doing some side projects for the comic.

I have a map in mind that will show all the places Jolly has been in the current story. Since everything has changed, a big chunk of the landscape is new  even to him. I'm hoping this will add some depth to the strip. I also am gearing up to do a cast page and a world info page as soon as I have the time to get it going. Also in the works is the labor day comic. I want to do one for every holiday that I sort of observe (and that's a loose term).

I also have been working with my new tablet, and coloring is a lot easier. I'm still not really very good at it, but I'm hoping with practice, that will change.

I've got a 2nd edition D&D game tomorrow night that is full of intrigue. I'm looking forward to that. So far, only 7 out of the 10 characters we started with are still alive, and there is little hope of recruiting more before we reach our goal.

Life on this end is pretty good. Remember, even when some things fall apart, there are still more things that hold together. You just have to recognize them.

Yeah, I'm really tired right now. I think I am going to take a nap and them come back and finish up coloring strips.

Oh, and by the way, the Dark Knight Rises is pretty good. Its not as good as the second movie, but this one introduces a few things that will be cool in the next chapter.

See you all next update.

Gavin - 07/26/2012