Digital or Traditional?

Digital or Traditional?
by Draginbeard 29th Jul 2012, 11:28 PM

Howdy folks,

Well, I never did get around to seeing Abraham Lincoln, vampire slayer. Just couldn't get past the title.  Maybe I will rent it.

This time around I want to touch on digital art vs. traditional art and where I personally stand on the topic.

A lot of people, including myself, do both.  It's been mentioned that doing things digitally might seem like a way to get quicker, cleaner results. I don't know about that, since for me, coloring digitally is certainly not faster.

I still draw everything up by hand. I letter by hand, and I ink by hand. What I do digitally is clean up and color my work. I draw way faster than I can do anything digitally, but with Photoshop, I can achieve so many things I simply could not manage with just pen and ink.

I feel more comfortable drawing traditionally, and it gives me a tangible piece of work that I can keep for myself. Heck, I can sell original art and if it was a choice of what I would buy for myself, it would be original before print copy any day of the week.

So I do not hold one medium of the other, since there is still a lot of artistic skill and thought, not to mention work, that goes into anything I am trying to create.

What I do like about digital art is how polished you can make your work. What I don't like is that its very easy to fall into a pattern and if you look around,  you will see a lot of artists doing quick and easy colors and shading.

Not that it looks bad, but you end up seeing a lot of the same quality and style, and it seems a little diluted from what is possible if the artist tried to expand and branch out.

I thought about how I wanted to color and shade my work and with Photoshop and the wacom tablet I have, I think I can give it a sort of watercolor edge, which is one thing I don't see as much of. Of course I may change my mind later.

Either way, I love coloring digitally, and I love drawing by hand. I have no problem saying you can do both and not be any lesser of an artist for doing so.

That's pretty much what's been running circles around my brain today.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and the new week brings you everything you were looking for!

See you next update.

Gavin - 07/29/12