The little things.

The little things.
by Draginbeard 9th Aug 2012, 10:22 PM

Howdy folks.

Well first up, its Wendy's birthday on Saturday. Fridays comic is in her honor.

Next up, I came up with an idea for a nifty ad banner for the comic, which I will be working on the next few days. I'm pretty excited for you guys to see this as it will be released the same update that marks the comics full color debut!  So be on the lookout for things to get all purdy on August 24th (two weeks from this writing.)

Also a few upcoming comics will be dedicated to other important people in my life which I will explain in the author notes for those specific pages. I have a few really good friends of which without  I'm not sure I would have had the guts to put my work out for public consumption.

You haven't seen them yet, but I have been toying with adding in talking critters and other 'easter-eggy' things to some pages. The one fuzzy critter is going to keep popping up, I will explain what it is later on, as far as the talking bugs go, I was on the fence on putting them in, but they were fun so what the hell,  in they went.

 These things aren't key to the story in anyway, and I will be using them sparingly. The insects will typically have very tiny fonts for what they are saying, since they have tiny voices. Dont worry though, I will add in their dialog in the transcript so you can, if you want, see whats going on with them. Honestly, they are there only to serve as a path to some really bad jokes that make me either cringe or giggle. I'm that  easily entertained.

I saw the new Total Recall movie, I liked it. It had a little too much I, Robot plot going, but the action and special effects were top notch. As far as acting goes, I still think Collin did his best work in Tiger Land.

That's about all that's going on this week, so I will call it quits here and get back to the drawing board.

Everyone have a great weekend and I will see you next update!

Gavin - 8/09/2012