The future

The future
by Draginbeard 12th Aug 2012, 11:31 PM

Howdy folks.

Looking into the future I have been considering a few things.

First, I just finished my 25th strip, which may seem minor, but its a big step for me. After all, this is my first hard attempt at making a comic, and I'm taking every milestone I can get!

The next thing is that I have done some changes that you guys will see starting with strip 17. While the story is going to be semi-serious in nature  (some pages and stories more than others), I am looking to lighten things up just a bit. Right now the characters and story are a little dry and stiff. But the events that are happening now were meant to be of the more serious vein.  Having said that, I still want this to be a fun read, and knowing my own tastes run in favor of a mix of comedy in my hardcore fantasy tales, this is what's going to work best for me as a creator.

My friend and I touched on the subject of telling jokes briefly. I mentioned I wanted to start using more humor in the strip to lighten things up a little, and that I was going to be choosing my jokes more carefully. He was concerned that I was steering away from my original idea of sticking to what was funny to me and going with that.

Well that hasn't changed a lot. If it's funny to me is still the first thing I look at, but in telling a joke, you do have to make the material a little more available to the people reading it. If all I used was inside humor, nobody would get it and that defeats the purpose of telling a joke in the first place.

Yes, I am still doing this more to please myself than anyone else, but part of the joy of it is letting other people into my world.

Lastly there was some talk about when it came time to go to the printers with a collection of strips. Should I re-draw my worst pages, or leave as is? I thought about this for a bit and decided that I would touch up some pages, but I was not going to redraw or color any of the black and white pages with the exception of the cover page.

The reasoning for this is that my earlier stuff is important. It show growth of not only the art and story, but for me as an artist. I need to keep things as they are to help me see how far I've come when I have days where I can't see the big picture.

Instead of taking the time to redo pages I didn't care for, I have decided that time would be better spent going forward with bonus material like extra strips, commentary, and inside looks into the lives of the characters and the world.

As of this writing, I have a long way to go before I even look at getting anything into print, but say a year from now, that might very well change. I hope to have at least one book, and a table at the Phoenix comicon possibly as early as 2014.

Hey, I am beginning to live my dream, let's see how far it takes me!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

See you next update!

Gavin - 8/12/2012