Details, details.

Details, details.
by Draginbeard 13th Sep 2012, 10:16 PM

Howdy folks,

I started a new color palette a few pages back that I have grown to like very much, and I'm now comfortable with digital lettering. I'm sure there are easier ways to do it, but I'm getting by my way fair enough.

This week there was some discussion on re-booting and re-writing a comic. Now, while I do like Marvels Ultimate comic universe, I myself cannot see rebooting my own work. I'm would rather see it through to the end, and beginning a whole new project with ideas and concepts that would not work in Draginbeard.

I've said this before, I will live with my mistakes, it's part of what makes my work special to me. Sure, there are pages that make me grit my teeth with the desire to redo the entire page, but if I did that it would be like punching a hole in the soul of my work. I take it that seriously.

The other thing that was brought up was how much detail it too much in a story? I'm of the mind to only include things that are directly relative to the page or chapter I'm working on, and creating cannon as I go. This is not to say that I'm just throwing things in willy nilly. I have put a good amount of thought into the rules of the world my characters inhabit, but I don't see the need to explain everything in some huge text bomb.

As a for instance, the world of Scarlan is now ruled by Dragon law. The dragons themselves do not overlord the realm, but have allowed a servant race to govern the day to day. Should something occur that needs be addressed by the dragon of that region, then the 'Archon' advises of the problem and that dragon takes whatever action is required.

This is something that can be shown as it happens, it's not a critical element that needs explanation as Jolly walks along the road home. I like the idea of revealing the changes as he experiences them. It adds to the mystery that both the readers and the characters uncover as the story progresses.

That's about all I have for you this time around. Hope everyone has had a great week and you're ready for the weekend!

See you all next update!

Gavin 09/13/2012