Dragons and Fairies.

Dragons and Fairies.
by Draginbeard 16th Sep 2012, 11:17 PM

Howdy folks,

I've been looking at how I want to do Dragons and Fairies for the story. Now I already have a rough draft for dragons, their society and behaviors, but I've been thinking of fleshing them out a little more. The other side of this coin is the fey. The wee folk. As of this writing I only have Dwarves and Elves in the story, but I intend to add in pixies, sprites, brownies and some of the more nasty variety.

As with everything that I do story wise, I start with the good old 'what if?' and follow it up with 'why?' Then I go on the web and start researching everything I can find. I did this for the fey for another project I was going to help a friend with, so I have all the leg work done already for the fey folk.

Dragons are a little different in that I want Scarlan to be their 'nest world', meaning that they were here first and one of their duties is in the protection of the nest. I have a huge back-story written for this, but what I'm finding interesting is explaining how the fey got here, what the dragons thought of their incursion, and that brought on a whole slew of other stories that may or may not include the main characters.

The question then becomes; since I have the ending in mind for the current story, am I being lazy by moving on to another story line in the same world or should I totally reinvent a new universe? I've heard an argument to that effect, but honestly, I'm not staying with Scarlan because I'm in a comfort zone, but because I have a lot of stories to tell which all happen here.

I've been toying around with names and the first one that hit me was Shades of Fey. I like that the best, but I'm going to shelve the idea for a while so I can finish up Draginbeard.

Things have been going pretty well. I did manage to finish 4 full pages this week, despite the fact my cat unplugged the computer while I was doing the flat work for page 36 and dopey me hadn't backed up my work in over two hours. Lesson learned big time right there!

This week I want to get 3 pages done, and a couple special pages started. Hard to believe I'm about to hit page 40. Does this count as a mile stone or would that be page 50? Pffft, every page after the first one is a milestone for me!!

That's about it for me this time around, I hope everyone has a great week. I will catch you next update!

Gavin - 09/16/2012