Working hard.

Working hard.
by Draginbeard 20th Sep 2012, 6:34 PM

Howdy folks.

Well I'm only a few pages from finishing the first chapter of the story. We have gone only a small way in what I hope will be a long, wild ride.

What I've learned so far has been huge. I enjoy the process, although there are days when I am literally falling asleep at the keyboard as I work and have had to take a half day off just so I can catch up on my sleep.

I know now that I want to go to a 3-day a week schedule eventually. I'm not fast enough yet, but I am confident that I will get there. Last week I managed 4 complete pages, this week it looks like I will only nail down 3, but if I can consistently manage at least 3 pages a week, and build up my buffer, I will update the schedule. I need to get 40 pages in the buffer first. Right now I'm sitting at 16 so I have a ways to go still.

Next chapter we introduce a new main character, and a  recurring one. We also get to see some of the changes that Scarlan has go through since the dragons have returned.  Plus Jolly makes a stand against what he deems as injustice, but as with most everything else, things do not go as he thought they should.

Right now, you guys are only about half way through the first chapter and have gotten a taste of where Jolly has been, and a small taste of the dangers of the world he has returned to.

I hope you stick around, because the plot, as they say, is about to thicken.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. See you next update!

Gavin - 09/20/2012