Another week runs by me...

Another week runs by me...
by Draginbeard 4th Oct 2012, 7:59 PM

Howdy folks,

Well, another week has rushed past me and all I've managed is two pages again. Actually I'm finishing up page 41 tonight and page 42 which is the last one of the chapter. That should be in the buffer by Sunday night.

I started final drafts for the second chapter this week, so that's going well. In other news, I managed to hit the #2 spot on the 'Popular Now' page Wednesday, pretty happy about that!

The story is starting to pick up some traction as we move into the meat of Jolly and his return. The internet background got some good feedback, and now it's up to me to tell an interesting adventure on a world few have had the chance to see outside of my regular gaming group.

I did get a chance to catch the new Judge Dredd movie. I walked in with subdued hopes, and I walked out fairly satisfied that they gave Dredd a fair shake. I liked the movie and I might even pick it up when it comes out on DVD.

On another personal note, I've been bouncing between internet radio for a few months now. The local Phoenix stations kind of suck to be honest. So I tuned into live 365 and browsed through what they had to offer. I listened to quite a few stations and I did find one that I really like. Y-Not Radio 

 Its a station based out of Philly that reminds me what Alternative radio should be. Its run on donations and there are no commercials, just an occasional request for pledge money to keep the station going. It's what I listen to now while I work on the comic.

Not a whole lot more going on in the valley of the sun for me, just wish I could get more done during the week.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, and I will see you next update!

Gavin - 10/04/2012