Pencil and Ink week!

Pencil and Ink week!
by Draginbeard 11th Oct 2012, 8:31 PM

Howdy folks

Began working on the second chapter. It took me a while to settle on a title, but I finally went with 'Cruel World'. The cover and first page are inked and scanned in. I'm working on page two tonight. I want to get that one inked and scanned in before bed time. I also have the Halloween page scanned in. That gives me plenty of color work for next week.

This week has been all about thumbnails, scripting, and pencil work so I can get a good start on the chapter going. Oddly though, I know how the story is going to go, but the panel work is giving me some trouble. I need to get back to trying out different angles in my frames.

On a fun note, I am going to be having some character cameos from my gaming group in this chapter, starting with Fulrin. I hope this doesn't come off as tacky, but I'm going to print these pages out, frame and sign them for the guys I play with. That's going to be my Christmas gifts this year.

I can't believe I'm seeing Christmas decorations up in the stores already, but I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. Who knows if the economy is going to survive the coming election or not? Plus the end of the world was penciled in for December as well, if memory serves. May as well get your shopping done now. =P

Well that's about all that I have going on this week. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather before it turns fully. See you next update!

Gavin 10/11/2012