Chewing gum!

Chewing gum!
by Draginbeard 25th Nov 2012, 11:06 PM

Howdy folks,

Well we are here at the end of the first chapter!

We have been hearing about terrorism a lot in the news, and at the time I was working on the script for this page, there was a lot of talk about sitting down to talk with some of the big extremist groups in the middle east.

The whole idea of sitting down and trying to reason with people who think in such absolutes, and dedicate themselves to violence in every form imaginable, is so mind boggling insane, that I just can't wrap my brain around it.

This lead the way to a whole slew of really stupid things that people do and I ended up with a whole page of idiocy beyond measure.

I did try to counter all this against what I had originally thought would be the most benign, and harmless thing I could think of; chewing gum.

Well it turns out that even gum has its detractors. Singapore has had it outlawed since 1992 for the way people dispose of it.  I would not be very surprised if there wasn't some religious affiliation that has it out for anyone who chews gum.  Hate seems to be the new love.

So, I had to poke a little fun before my head exploded from how people can over look, and over react to the dumbest things.

I've been working long hours again, I'm horribly tired tonight so I'm going to cut this short before I stop make even the little sense I might have achieved tonight!

I will see you all next update and I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Gavin - 11/25/2012