Working on a fight scene.

Working on a fight scene.
by Draginbeard 2nd Dec 2012, 11:08 PM

Howdy folks.

Update time again, and it's the second chapter  of the story!

I have a lot planned out for this round of silly fun, some of it serious, some even dark, but there is still plenty of fun in store!

I'm about to sit down and pencil out a little fight scene that's going to take a page longer than I was thinking. I'm on the fence if I should cut it short, but I will know more once I have the pages ready to ink if I'm keeping them all.

This is kind of how it usually goes with me. I have everything thumbed out, and scripted, but the pages with all the action are sort of left a little bit loose, so I can shape the fight how I need it.

So the review I received last Friday went pretty well, and it seems that I received a bit of a boost in readership too. That was a nice change since my numbers were dropping a little. I'm trying not to get too concerned with that aspect, but to be perfectly honest, it does factor into my motivation to push on. If I know there are people enjoying what I have been doing, it helps keep me putting out more.

Not too much else going on, and I am itching to get to the drawing board, so I will cut things short here and wish everyone a great week!

See you all next update!

Gavin - 12/02/2012