by Draginbeard 6th Dec 2012, 5:49 PM

Howdy folks,

So I have been hard at work getting pages drawn, and I did good this week! As of today I have finished and added pages 9 and 10 into the buffer. Pages 11-13, 17 & 18 are all inked, scanned in, and ready for scripting, with pages 14 - 16 on my drafting table ready to be inked. If I can keep this up, my buffer will be fat and happy again very soon.

Christmas and New Years. I have thought about doing special pages for these days, but now I'm debating on if I will. Both holidays fall very close to my normal update days and to be honest, I really would rather just keep pushing to produce regular story pages instead this year. Even still, if I have time, I might do something with the comic to celebrate.

With the second chapter at least a third of the way drawn up and scripted, I am looking at story boards for chapter 3 now. I have the first few pages drafted up, and a lot of guest appearances planned as well. This will probably be a very fun chapter with a lot of silly thrown around!

That's about all I am up to this week, I hope everyone has a great weekend! I will see you all next update!

Gavin - 12/06/2012