Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
by Draginbeard 30th Dec 2012, 11:00 PM

Howdy folks,

So here we are, about to turn the clock over to a new year - 2013 already! 7 more years and my Cyberpunk game manual for 2020 should be valid!

Things that I am looking forward to in the coming year are;

Some great movies, including the Hobbit parts 2 and 3. World War Z, and Warm Bodies.

Phoenix comicon, saving up enough money to buy a couch, and maybe a new bed. Getting my buffer back up to 6 weeks, and getting myself back into better shape.

Not a whole lot, I know, but maybe the comic will pick up a little traction and I can go and get a table at the 2014 comicon.

New year resolutions you say?  I'm hoping to be a better person and try a little harder to keep in touch with friends.

Hopes for the new year.

Well I do hope the comic gets a little attention and I am able to improve my story and art to keep the interest up for anyone who reads it.

I hope to find someone nice to maybe share a little of my life with.

I hope for good health and good luck for everyone in my life now.

I hope the world grows a little safer, and we all find some good will and peace.


Happy New year everyone.

See you next update!

PS - there is going to be a little something extra this Wednesday, so check back then!

Gavin - 12/30/2012