6 updates this week!

6 updates this week!
by Draginbeard 3rd Feb 2013, 10:46 PM

Howdy folks,

It has only been a week since my last blog entry, but it feels like a month has passed or something. Time is weird like that I guess.

Well I have finished up the big Thank You special, 5 pages worth of nods, and fan art for the strips of people who do comics of their own and read mine. I hope it goes over well, I'm unhappy with how a few of them turned out, but this was another instance where I did the best I could. I so wish I could win the lottery and finally have the time to go to school for this and maybe put out some better work than I manage now.

On the other hand, I think my ability to draw has improved over the last 6 months, and a lot of the frames I get on paper aren't all that bad. They say you are your own worst critic, if your honest with yourself, this can be a painful truth.

Anyway, I have the rest of the month to start building up my buffer again and I have a few ideas that I will be injecting into the comic. Sometimes it's a good thing to step back for a couple of days and just think.

On a happy note, I went to go see 'Warm Bodies' over the weekend and I really did enjoy it. No, it's not a serious Zombie movie, it is pretty much exactly what you expect from the previews. It was nice, cute, and funny. I wish I had gone with a date, I would be able to tell if she was my type if she liked it as much as I did.

Anyway, I had a fun time at the movies, I enjoyed (despite stressing a little over every detail) doing the fan art, and now I am excited to get back to working on the comic again.

I hope everyone has a great week, and I will catch up with you next Monday. In the meantime, come check out the comic, I have a new page up everyday starting Monday, all the way through Saturday, although Mondays is the only story page.

Gavin - 02/03/2013