Spider Man

Spider Man
by Draginbeard 10th Feb 2013, 11:24 PM

Howdy folks,

I've been collecting comic books for a long time. I still remember getting my copy of Captain America, Daredevil, and Spider Man in the mail (at that time they used to come in a thin brown paper sheath as if it was a dirty magazine or something), and reading them over, and over again.

Comics were 35 cents back then and I used to be able to buy all my favorites and have money left over for a slurpee, a big bag of M&Ms, and a few hours of video games with the 10.00 a week I got for mowing lawns.  As you know now, things have changed.

Now that same 10 bucks might get you two comics. And yes, while the paper stock is better, and the art is usually good, I have to say that my weekly trip to the comic shop is hitting my wallet more than I can manage. I mean its hit hard enough for me to seriously consider dropping the hobby all together.

Now I love comics, I have my favorite titles, and writers. I'm not as hung up on the art as I once was, but I still have a pack of favorite artists that I like to keep an eye out for. I am especially thankful for my local comic shops and will spend my money there as opposed to going online to order any comics. The thought of my beautiful comic shops going under gives me the hebee jebees.

Where am I going with this? Down a dark and troubled road. With the future of print comics in question, why would they keep punching my beloved comic heroes below the belt? To be specific;  Spider Man is dead...well, sort of.

 If you don't know, they did (another)really disgusting thing to one of my favorite characters a couple months back. Peter Parker had his life stolen by an old crazy enemy, and that enemy is now running around trying to be the new Spiderman.  As if the clone saga, brand new day, and that time when he was believed to have been beaten to death weren't bad enough, now they give over his body to the enemy?  

Giving his life in a heroic battle, this is how they killed off the Ultimate version of Peter Parker almost two years ago. That was shocking enough, but at least the kid who is replacing Peter is actually pretty likable, and it's made things a little easier to bear. Plus Bendis does a pretty good job behind the pen so the stories make up for a lot.

What they've done to the original Peter Parker is much worse. They stole his soul and are trying to turn his arch enemy into a better version of Spiderman. Anyway, I tried to read the first 3 issues of the new Superior Spiderman, and the writing just made my ass twitch all the more.

I just don't get it.

Ok, I just needed to gripe about this for a minute, and I've dried my eyes and taken a deep breath.  Back to work on my own stuff.

See you next update.

Gavin - 02/10/2013