Changing the Schedule to once a week, for now.

Changing the Schedule to once a week, for now.
by Draginbeard 16th Feb 2013, 11:18 PM


Howdy folks,

Well I have come to face facts. I love this comic and will continue to do this and hopefully other comics until I end up as worm food. (Unless the big old scary Wyrms find me first). This is my pride and my passion, but it is also becoming more than I can handle.

It looks like I will need to keep my updates to once a week (every Monday), at least for the foreseeable future. The fact of the matter is I can't produce enough pages to maintain a twice weekly pace reliably any longer. Honestly, I would rather put out a better quality page at once a week, than have to rush through to finish two.

I do have plans to go back to my old schedule, but I need to address some other issues before I get to that.

I have it in mind to take some art, and writing classes as well as a class in Photoshop to see if I can build on what thin skills I am working with now. Cutting down to a single weekly update would help me find the time to do that.

The comic is still alive and well and I have updates through the month of March already in the buffer.

As soon as I can, I will go back and give you guys more frequent updates, but for now I need to go to every Monday.

In other more positive news, I just finished rough sketches all the way up to page 38, and I will be try playing with the panel layouts a little. I'm kind of excited about this, which probably makes me more of a comic nerd than I should freely admit.

Ah well, you get your kicks where you can. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will see you next update!

Gavin - 02/17/2013