5 Things I learned this year.

5 Things I learned this year.
by Draginbeard 26th May 2013, 11:28 PM

Howdy folks,

I know it's been a little while since I have done this blog thingy. To be honest, I am a little wary of social media in general. Yes, I know I sound like an idiot considering I do a freaking WEB COMIC, and it goes directly to the internet! What a dingle berry I am!

So anyway, I really haven't, until recently, known what to do with things like a blog, facebook, or twitter. The big reason I don't post that much is fear. I can be a real dumb ass and say some pretty stupid things, and here I have a chance to not only be offensive, but to do it in a way that EVERYONE can see, for all eternity! Needless to say, its worrisome.

So where does that leave someone who wants to do something of personal relevance online? I needed to educate myself so I don't blunder about any more than I absolutely have to.  And HOW does someone like myself become effectively educated? I'm glad I asked that question! I went to Phoenix Comicon! And do you know what I found out? Comicons are FULL of great lessons just waiting to be learned!

So, after 4 days of comicon awesome, I learned the following things:

1) Treat social media as if you were at the dinner table at Thanksgiving. Politics and Religion are sure ways to incite a response you may not be looking for.

2) Don't be a dick. Use respect and kindness at every turn.

3) You will never win a forum argument. Even on twitter, and facebook.

4) Talk about the things that you are interested in, not what you think everyone else might be interested in. After all, you are trying to get in touch with people who like the same things as you do.

5) Don't just post an update on your comic, say something real. Give an opinion on something you have just seen or did. And again, try to use some tact and be respectful.


So starting tonight, I will be back on the blog and using my twitter and facebook account to reach out and talk about things that interest me, including and besides my webcomic. And to that end, I want to talk about the Phoenix Comicon I just finished seeing.

I love comic books. I have since my memory started connecting dots. I love the stories, the art, and the thrill of collecting issues of my favorite titles. The fact that I am doing a webcomic is part of that and it makes me feel that much more at home with the artist and creators that come to the conventions. I may not know what it's like to be involved with big publishing, or the stress in the business side of things, but I now know the pain and joy of creating the art, writing a story, and putting it out for people to see. Right now I am small time, little potatoes compared to just about everyone else, but damn, I love being involved even in the smallest way!

What was it like at this year's convention? It was bigger and better in nearly every way. Last year I walked around, and talked to a few people here and there, got some signatures and played some games. I sat in on a couple of panels and generally enjoyed myself. This year was different for me in a lot of what I consider significant ways.

I paid more attention to what was going on at the booths. I talked with more creators, not as in depth as I could have, but I'm still star struck and its taking me a little time to get over that. I made it a point to check out new comics and sit in on more panels.

The highlight of this year was in the big panels that I got to see. I bought a ticket to see 'Wil Wheaton's Hour of Awesome' and you know what? It was exactly as advertised! Coming in as a close second was John Barrowman's panel. And I mean it was a very close second! My god... John deserves the title AWESOME! John is inspiring and hysterically fun to watch! My next favorite with the Jewel Staite panel, she was so adorable and smart, and fun to watch, she is just all around amazing.

The Babylon 5 reunion panel was a mixed bag of happy and sad. I  forget that so much time has gone by. I mean, I sit and watch the show and it's like everything stands still. Then I see the actors who were in this great show and suddenly realize 20 years have gone by! I was shocked and saddened to realize just how many of the cast and crew had passed away. I was moved at the memorial short film toward the end. There were more than a few lumps in my heart when the cast spoke so fondly of their absent friends.  

The last panel I want to mention is the Wendy and Richard Pini panel. Realize that I grew up reading Elf Quest. I mowed lawns to earn my comic book money. I was dying between issues of this big magazine sized black and white comic. My mom is also a huge fan and I was able to get some signatures and a shirt for her from the con. I would have gotten her some comics signed too, but I just didn't get around to shopping for any.

Now for the last bit of news I have.

My own comic is going to go in a little bit of a vacation. Basically work has been overwhelming, and my buffer is gone. I need to load it back up. BUT, I'm not going to leave you guys hanging. I have a bunch of filler art I have wanted to put up, so for the next four or five weeks, I am going to be updating twice a week, Mondays and Fridays with some early work, some game jokes and my very first concept strips for Draginbeard I did back in 2010. I hope these will hold you guys over while I but butt trying to get my buffer back into shape.

I will be doing more blog work as well, getting back to using social media more as I get myself out there and ready for the day when I too, will be an exhibiting at comicon!

Well, I think this has probably been my longest blog post in a while, and I don't want to make your eyes bleed anymore.

I hope everyone has had a fulfilling memorial day weekend.

Thank you to all who served and died for our countries and help preserve our way of life.

See you next update.