Browsing for insight

Browsing for insight
by Draginbeard 7th Jun 2013, 5:59 PM

Howdy folks,

I read a really interesting article from Jesse Hamm on his livejournel blog titled 'late to the medium?' This was an answer to the question, 'is it possible to get your skills up late in life?'

Since this is something I personally have thought about (I turned 48 this year), I was curious to see the answer.

I know I am not the only one struggling to get their art up to a solid level, and I am always on the look out for both instruction and inspiration. The list of books that Jesse provided sound promising, and I will share these with you here;

1) Draw 50 Famous Cartoons, by Lee J. Ames (amazon has this for $8.99)

2) Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, by Betty Edwards ($14.55 on Amazon)

3) Figure Drawing for all its Worth, by Andrew Loomis ($28.98 on Amazon) - Anatomy

4) Successful Drawing, by Andrew Loomis ($28.98 on amazon) - Perspective

5) Creative Illustration, by Andrew Loomis (26.92 on amazon)

And one other that wasn't listed in the blog but looks promising - Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists by Carla Sonheim ($17.30 on amazon)

For me its good to keep browsing art books, even if it's just at the library (a favorite place of mine), to gain new insights, or revisit old ideas that I didn't quite 'get' when I first saw them.

Im sure everyone has good art days and bad. I hit a bad one this week where the best I could manage was a half dozen crummy sketches. Even still, a bad sketch can spark something positive, depending on how you look at it. This is the very thing I have to keep reminding myself when I am having a hard time getting motivated.

So far this week, I have started inking 3 story pages, re-worked 5 old comics, and rough-sketched 4 more, and I still feel like I'm falling behind. Silly, aint it?

I think the point to today's blog is along the lines of keeping yourself inspired, and working even on sketches, is still work, but it's the kind of ground work that is going to lead to better art down the road.

In other news, I have been tweeting a little more regularly this week, still not at the volume of some regular types that I follow, like Howard Taylor (Schlock Mercenary), Wil Wheaton, and Kevin Smith, but then I'm not out doing some of the cool things they are involved with.

Still, I am speaking my mind a little more and that feels pretty good.

I am still on track with filler updates going three times a week, and I have the first page for the regular Draginbeard strip in the buffer for July. I'm hoping to get a sort of assembly line thing going so I can get back to 2 updates a week. I need to get 9 more strips in the buffer before I can even think about doing that.

Optimally I want 12 strips in the buffer before I go back to twice weekly, this way I have some breathing room and won't have to cut back to once a week again like before.

I don't know how often I will be keeping up the blog here, I figure once a week, posting it on an update day, either Monday or Friday. I don't know if anyone even reads this thing, I mean I dont read very many of the blog posts for the comics I read either, not unless they have gone on hiatus or are about to.

At any rate, I'm not going anywhere for a while, I still have a strong need to post my comics and tell my little story.

I hope you guys have a great weekend and I will see you next update!

Gavin - 06/07/2013