Dressing up the webpage

Dressing up the webpage
by Draginbeard 20th Jul 2013, 3:58 PM

Howdy folks,

Well, the website is getting some work done. I have a friend, LooeyQ of 'Mad Dog' fame (http://maddog.thecomicseries.com/) coming in to spruce up the place. I did some buttons, background and banner art, and gave him an idea of the page layout I liked, and he is going to go in and do the HTML scripting for me. This will be the first evolution from the simple layout I started with just over a year ago, so I think this counts as an anniversary present!

In other news, I finished the final page to chapter two, it's in the buffer now and I am hard at work on chapter three. Jolly gets free of the cave and makes his way home, but on the way he discovers some things that makes this the scariest homecoming of all time.

I hope you guys stick around and see all the crazy I am dumping on our poor Dwarfs path, as we begin Chapter 3 - No place like home. Look for the new story arc to begin this September.

That's about all I have for this week, I plan on catching a couple movies - Pacific Rim, for sure, and maybe something else. I will let you guys know how that went.

Have a great weekend and a fun week.

See you next update

Gavin - 7/20/2013