Comic 3 - Draginbeard pg 2

9th Jul 2012, 12:00 AM in No Shelter
Draginbeard pg 2
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Draginbeard 23rd Jun 2012, 9:48 AM edit delete
The campaign is at its final stage. The wizard has lost the meat of his forces and has retreated to his tower. The race to stop him in time is on!
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Andre61 16th Jul 2012, 6:51 AM edit delete reply
Cool story so far
Draginbeard 16th Jul 2012, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
Thanks =) The set up is going to take a few more pages before its done.
cachway 24th Jul 2012, 7:25 AM edit delete reply
That would't be good at all.
Draginbeard 24th Jul 2012, 8:47 AM edit delete reply
Funny thing is, nobody really knows what this Dark Mage is really up too with this machine of his.

But he has a cult following, and they believe he can grant them immortality.
LooeyQ 28th Sep 2012, 5:31 PM edit delete reply
army of the dead?! Nice!!!
Draginbeard 28th Sep 2012, 6:53 PM edit delete reply
Oh yeah. A little bit of foreshadowing right there =D
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