Comic 32 - Draginbeard pg 31

19th Oct 2012, 12:01 AM in No Shelter
Draginbeard pg 31
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Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 12:01 AM edit delete
Jolly finds an item blessed with divine magic. It has the mark of the Dwarven god; 'The Maker'. "It was upon his anvil the heart of the world was forged."

Scarlan world lore:

There are two kinds of magic in the world, the first is Arcane - which is raw and unfocused. Wizards can draw this in, shape it, and cast it back out.

The second is Divine. This is thought of as the will of the gods. The 'Godspell'. This (and alchemy) are the kinds of magic a Dwarf can use reliably.

Arcane energy tends to revert to an unfocused state around them (unless its bound by divine will).

I started using a digital font, with this page. I had been hand lettering everything since page 1, but to be honest, my own lettering just wasn't cutting it.

I must have spent a couple weeks going through fonts. I hit a bunch of sites and even considered turning my own lettering as a font, but in the end, I picked the three that I really liked. Webletter BB, ACME Secret Agent, and Smack Attack. I picked them up off of blambot.

I downloaded a ton more to sprinkle as I needed, but those are the three main fonts I have in mind for the rest of the series.

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Rinkel 19th Oct 2012, 12:05 AM edit delete reply
Um, I don't know how to word this in a way that isn't creepy, but I really like the way you draw his body hair.

That's something I struggle with, being so heavily inclined to draw pretty boys (bishies) all the time, so I really admire that.
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 12:26 AM edit delete reply
Geez, I'll trade you if you can teach me your secret so I can finally draw a decent head of hair!!
Rinkel 19th Oct 2012, 7:06 AM edit delete reply
Haha, sounds good. I'll sketch up something for you. :)
chris-tar 19th Oct 2012, 12:12 AM edit delete reply
Great update and cool weapon, but man it's time Jolly got some clothes on! lol
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 12:24 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, its getting trickier and trickier trying to strategically draw things that block my own sensibilities. =P

Jolly does get a wardrobe change here very shortly....finally, thank gods.
cattservant 19th Oct 2012, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
Things are getting a little more organized for our hero.
cattservant 19th Oct 2012, 12:31 AM edit delete reply
On the wardrobe front; maybe he could do something with the glove?

(An edit button could be useful.)
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 12:33 AM edit delete reply
Well, its a leather glove, and it would be a little bit of a...oh no. I am not going to go there.

Walking away resisting the urge to say, "no glove, no love."

Crap, too late.

(I know, I dont know what I am missing to add an edit button. I know zip about script)
LooeyQ 19th Oct 2012, 2:55 AM edit delete reply
Ooooh! That's a nifty hammer he's got there! Worthy of your avatar indeed! :D
The lore in your world is so cool! I like that you take it seriously, I think knowing and having rules for your "world"
in any story is important for a good, well, story!
Nice font too! I believe that's ACME you're using p there! That's the same font I used in my corner panel yellow box time lapse things. Thays a great font, Looks great with your art work!
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 8:26 AM edit delete reply
This is probably one of my best pages so far. I was really happy when I finished coloring that first panel (that doesn't happen very often), I knew I would eventually turn that into an avatar.

It took me awhile to finally admit I just wasn't getting any better with my hand lettering. Yeah, it looks better now than when I started, but after 6 months of struggling, my lettering remains inconsistent, and distracting.

I figured I would give digital fonts a go. Finding a font that was easy to read and wasn't jarring, to me at least, that took longer than I thought.

Out of all the ones I played with, I found these were clean, clear, and looked good with what I was drawing.

Sooooo... Jolly and most of the other characters will have the 'ACME Secret Agent' font, Dragons get 'Webletterer BB', and the artifact gets 'Smack Attack'.

These are all free fonts from Blambot, which is one of the sites that I really like for fonts. There are a bunch more, on the comicfury forums there is a whole thread dedicated to finding a font. Its well worth checking out.

LooeyQ 19th Oct 2012, 2:48 PM edit delete reply
I've always used Davonte, but I gotta check out blambot. I think that's more geared to comic book lettering anyways! Thanks for the tip!
LooeyQ 19th Oct 2012, 2:49 PM edit delete reply
I meant to say I've always da font, not whatever word it changed it to up there, lol
Centcomm 19th Oct 2012, 4:45 AM edit delete reply
YAY for digitial fonts ( blambot fonts rock ! amusingly enough I use "toon town light") on the hammer, very cool was wondering how you were gonna handle magic and dwarves - some storys have it - others drarves are "anti magical" the arcane and devine diffrences are pretty good - GMTA :D and yeah I know what you mean about stratigic items and ballooons

@ rinkel yah i have to agree Jolly looks very manly ! :D I always had trouble with guys ..
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 8:10 AM edit delete reply
I have a whole thing going with magic in this story. Its scary, and rightfully so, to be able to break reality. Wizardry is a thing even Dragons fear.

Dwarves, are opposite with elves in more than appearance and attitude. This is especially apparent when it comes to magic, even though both are of the Fey world, they have a strength and a weakness they are born to.

The basic principle I use for this story is that Dwarves are makers, and elves are shapers.

Goblins are the worst though, they can do both, but twist everything into the image their own corrupt nature.

Goblins in this world are bad, bad, bad creatures to get mixed up with.

Centcomm 19th Oct 2012, 9:08 AM edit delete reply
nods - I like fantasy worlds that arent afriad to mix things up a bit :D thats a really cool thing!
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 3:50 PM edit delete reply
There are a couple of sites you can take a look through, it just happens that I found what I liked off of blambot.

I know I need an edit button here, but I honestly havent the foggiest idea what I am missing. Ive gone over the settings again and again, but I dont see anyway adjust user comments.

I think I will have to buckle down and learn me some HTML...but doing the comic takes up most of my time just in drawing it...
Dodom 19th Oct 2012, 5:20 AM edit delete reply
It's a trap! Tug at the rope, and instead of collapsing the roof, it opens a trap under his feet, to the... hmm... lair of the giant spiders!!!
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 7:46 AM edit delete reply
Giant Trapdoor spiders! All having drinks in their parlor. And here comes a ready-to-serve free meal!
Hythlodeus 19th Oct 2012, 6:55 AM edit delete reply
that's only one end of the rope. where does the other end go? THAT is the important question!
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 7:43 AM edit delete reply
The other end of the leads right to the remains of half an arm...(A Dwarven one in fact)
JRChace 19th Oct 2012, 10:07 AM edit delete reply
The digital font looks great! Your handwritten lettering was great too, but I imagine this is much easier.

That hammer is still looking awesome. I like the little green particle effect in the first panel, of Jolly taking the hand off of it, too.

Now to smite the dragons with it and don dragonbone armor! Dwarfakiin! XD
Draginbeard 19th Oct 2012, 3:56 PM edit delete reply

It is a little easier, easier to fix the new typos that I now make. One thing about hand lettering, you spend a lot more time making sure you get it right. Not that I have a perfect record, but I was very careful.

For anyone that's interested, the green bits and patches you see around Jolly...that's some pretty bad stuff. As if he doesn't have enough problems...
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