Comic 58 - Draginbeard Chp 2, pg 14

18th Jan 2013, 12:01 AM in Cruel World
Draginbeard Chp 2, pg 14
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Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 12:01 AM edit delete
The battle is in full swing, and Jolly sees the grappling ropes he dropped when he was first attacked. Weighted rope has a few other uses besides climbing stuff.

Well I hit the 30 mark for subscribers, and thank you all for that!! =D

I am almost finished with the updates for February and now I can devote serious time into finishing the Thank you for subscribing page I started working on early this month.

I wanted to have that done this week, but I am working stupid shifts again this coming week. A double, a turn around, and a grave shift which really messes me up. I used to be able to pull that kind of thing off when I was younger, but not anymore. =(

Anyway, the thank you for subscribing page will include everyone currently subscribe as of today.

I have a few pages (well, 4 pages going on 5 now) in mind, those of you with webcomics here will have one of their comic characters do a special little walk on bit in one of those pages, which will include your name, the comic, and a big thank you.

Those subscribers without a comic will still get the coveted no-prize (which is exactly how it sounds) and my most heartfelt and sincerest thanks.

If you don't want me to mention you, or do not want any of your comic characters to appear in the strip, please send me a PM so I will know not to do so.

I hope to have this done by the first week of February. (God willing and the river don't rise!)

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chris-tar 18th Jan 2013, 12:37 AM edit delete reply
I really like the art in panel 2. The dynamic thrust of the hammer, the shattering of the skull, and the way you illustrated his plate armor. Your skills continue to improve.
Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 7:00 AM edit delete reply
Thank you =) The next few pages are experiments in action, everything hangs on the art.
creamygnome 18th Jan 2013, 3:43 AM edit delete reply
Agreeing with the above - panel 2 ROCKS
Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 7:02 AM edit delete reply
Thanks =) The swing arc actually did come out a little better after inks and color than it did in pencil.
cattservant 18th Jan 2013, 4:17 AM edit delete reply
The Action is getting Traction!

(Rope is important, according to Samwise Gamgee.)
Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 6:58 AM edit delete reply
Rope can be a lot of fun. In this particular little adventure it comes in very handy!
LooeyQ 18th Jan 2013, 6:38 AM edit delete reply
Jolly is getting his fight on! I hope hes used to the smell by now!
Cant wait for the surPRIZE!
Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 6:57 AM edit delete reply
This page and the next are my attempts at pure action pages. No dialog or even sound effects. I wanted to see if I could pull it off.

The mist in the cave is still deadly, but for the moment Jolly seems to be protected from it. (The aura that surrounds him when he is fighting.)
LooeyQ 18th Jan 2013, 9:02 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, leaving out sound effect lettering I think helps to make a comic reel more "real"
LooeyQ 18th Jan 2013, 9:03 AM edit delete reply
*feel that is eh heh heh!
Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 12:54 PM edit delete reply
Sometimes its better to let your imagination fill in the bells and whistles =D
Centcomm 18th Jan 2013, 8:55 AM edit delete reply
I really like this page.. the glows the impacts , really well done. I like the little fuzz ball. isnt divine power cool!
Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 12:53 PM edit delete reply
Divine power, yes. The Maker tinkers in mysterious ways!
Dodom 18th Jan 2013, 10:08 AM edit delete reply
Is it okay if I... I liked panel 1 better?
Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 12:50 PM edit delete reply
Hsssssss...Heresy! But thank you anyway =D
Hythlodeus 18th Jan 2013, 4:11 PM edit delete reply
the glowing effect gets better and better
Draginbeard 18th Jan 2013, 7:52 PM edit delete reply
Thanks =) I want to keep trying different things. Louie helped me out a lot more that even I thought with doing effects like these. =D
shinka 19th Jan 2013, 5:49 PM edit delete reply
cool...nice fight scenes
Draginbeard 20th Jan 2013, 11:02 PM edit delete reply
Thanks =) Im trying to mix things up and go a little cinematic flare so you wont get a scene with guys just trading hits.
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