Comic 64 - Draginbeard Chp 2, pg 20

18th Feb 2013, 12:01 AM in Cruel World
Draginbeard Chp 2, pg 20
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Author Notes:

Draginbeard 18th Feb 2013, 12:01 AM edit delete
We are coming up on the last part of the battle, and things look pretty solid for Jolly. But since when is anything what it seems?

This comic goes out to one of my very best friends, whom I have known since High School. Happy birthday Dave, welcome to the old folks club!

++ In other news, I have been working pretty steady on the comic to build up the buffer and came to a hard realization, I can't keep up.

More than anything, I want the best pages I can put out. I am trying new things with color and line work all the time, and while this can sometimes improve my page work, the one thing it does do, without fail, is to take me more time in completing a page.

If I try to keep up the pace I'm at, I'm going to burn out, and quite possibly rage quit. That would kill me.

So with deep regret, I will be dropping back to one page a week for the foreseeable future.

I am not going on break, quitting the comic, or anything like that. I will still keep making the comic, putting in the same hours as before, but by dropping back to once a week I can take some of the pressure off, and allow more time to do (hopefully) better pages.

I don't mean to disappoint anyone, but I want to give this my best effort, and until I become more efficient, or win the lottery, (so I wont have to keep my day job), I need to cut this down to a more manageable schedule.

The comic will thus remain on an update every Monday until I am able to bump back up to a more frequent schedule.

Thank you guys for reading and support, it means the world to me.


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cattservant 18th Feb 2013, 2:59 AM edit delete reply
Minion deficit will get you every time!
Draginbeard 18th Feb 2013, 9:17 AM edit delete reply
Damn that dwarf, and his little Tinker too!
creamygnome 18th Feb 2013, 3:31 AM edit delete reply
Great page! No one wants you to work yourself to death just to update more often. Quality over quantity! Plus, if you burned yourself out we'd have NO draginbeard and that would be the disappointing thing.
Draginbeard 18th Feb 2013, 9:20 AM edit delete reply
I love doing this, its part of my day now. I have a ton more story left to go. I will just be releasing it a little slower and with better (hopefully) looking pages.
Centcomm 18th Feb 2013, 4:44 AM edit delete reply
I well know how that is - >_< qulaity over quanity and all that.
Draginbeard 18th Feb 2013, 9:45 AM edit delete reply
There is that, but one big deal is doing my best not to miss an update.

Going on Hiatus worries me. I worry that once I stop, it could turn into one of those things where you fully intend to start up again, but never seem to.
LooeyQ 18th Feb 2013, 5:40 AM edit delete reply
Life is always getting in the way of our comics!
Also I love the composition of the last panel!
Draginbeard 18th Feb 2013, 9:23 AM edit delete reply
Thanks, the first and last panels were fun to draw.

I dont know if life is getting in the way of the comic, or if I am trying to do too much with it, but either way, better slow and steady, than fast and choppy...I think.
Songgu Kwon 21st Feb 2013, 1:37 PM edit delete reply
Songgu Kwon
Yup, slow and steady's the way to go. I also find it difficult to build up a buffer of pages as well. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. One of the cool aspects of making a web comic seems to be the extremely short distance between finishing the work and having it go "live" to your readers.
Draginbeard 21st Feb 2013, 4:08 PM edit delete reply
True about the short time between finished work and having it go live, but there are times when you get a piece done that you think is really good, and having to wait is a touch difficult.
Centcomm 18th Feb 2013, 10:36 AM edit delete reply
did you change your layout?
Draginbeard 18th Feb 2013, 11:05 AM edit delete reply
Yeah, still using a default one, but one of the projects I want to work on is improving the page design.
shinka 18th Feb 2013, 10:59 AM edit delete reply
lol nice work.

Not "completely" stupid ? lol....mmmmmm

lol this guy's too funny....

I so picture one major line in this comic

******You can't touch this.....
Break it down! Stop, Hammer time!******
Draginbeard 18th Feb 2013, 11:07 AM edit delete reply
Jolly isn't the hardest hammer on the wall, but he tries to be. =D
Dodom 18th Feb 2013, 3:43 PM edit delete reply
Time to kick dusty bony ass! Yeah!!!

And I did, finally, make a fanart in return!
It's from the... return from the alternate universe... period of time, so while it's not any less modest than the original, it might be best not to view it from a public place:
Jolly Draginbeard, Dodom style
Draginbeard 18th Feb 2013, 10:32 PM edit delete reply
Ok, now that is freaking awesome! Thanks Dodom. Added it to Jolly's Facebook page, linked your comic through both my FB and Twitter too =)

Now I have to get off my butt and make some extras pages!

Dodom 19th Feb 2013, 4:44 PM edit delete reply
Ah thanks! I'm already happy that you liked it enough to show it around, don't worry about extra pages. (well unless you already wanted them of course)

I haven't added your fanart to my fanart page either, so the lazy goes both way :P
Hythlodeus 19th Feb 2013, 7:18 AM edit delete reply
a bad cosplay ninja... why haven't I thought of this?
great page again. keep your time.
Draginbeard 19th Feb 2013, 3:44 PM edit delete reply
Its almost time for Comicon here in Phoenix, and I was looking over all my pictures from last year when it sort of struck me that Jolly looks like a bad version of Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat. I couldn't let me get away without poking some fun at myself.
KentuckyFriedPopcorn 19th Feb 2013, 6:47 PM edit delete reply
Totally love the dialog. :D I've been remiss, but I *finally* subscribed to your comic - You have only yourself to blame for having such a huge backlog. I'm always intimidated every time I come to a comic that has 200 pages of archives! Anyway, I've worked out a way to easily check my subscriptions on my iPad while lying on my ass on the couch, so I should be caught up in no time. Expect lots of random blathering comments from me in future.
Oh, and as for the schedule, no worries. You gotta enjoy your own life first. My motto with my own strip has always been, "It's updated when it's updated!"
Draginbeard 19th Feb 2013, 10:58 PM edit delete reply
My archive will soon be about 10 pages lighter, I need to move some of the extra/holiday pages over to the extra page stuff. (if that helps any =P)

I'm glad you enjoy the dialog, it's one of the many things I struggle with. I'm pretty wordy by nature, so doing the comic is teaching me to trim things down a bit.

I've been a fan of KFP for a while, and was more than a little sad when you were on the verge of quitting. I was so very happy you decided to continue after all.

Anyway, welcome to my corner of crazytown. =D
KentuckyFriedPopcorn 20th Feb 2013, 9:57 PM edit delete reply
I hear you on wordiness. My next strip is nine panels of two characters sitting on a ledge talking to each other, and that was after a lot of script-cutting. I have a *terrible* time writing clipped dialog. Oddly enough, switching the strip to black & white has exacerbated this for me, as I can get it done faster so I've been gradually adding in more conversation...
Blurlok 27th Feb 2013, 3:32 PM edit delete reply
Elf, KFP, and Draginbeard - my regular check on subscriptions. :) All y'all take your time and keep putting out the good stuff.
Draginbeard 27th Feb 2013, 4:03 PM edit delete reply
Taking a little extra time has been helping. The next page coming up was when I realized I needed to stop rushing.

Page 22 on up are much better, art wise.
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